This application is the first of its kind on Apps Store to teach  Quranic recitation (Tajweed) practically by an authentic reciter of the Quran who has a certified chain of narration (given below) all the way back to the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). 

In addition, this program gives the rules of Tajweed described and illustrated along with the applicable Quranic text.  A distinguishing feature of this software is its suitability for beginners.  Users not only benefit from listening to the reciter's slow and clear recitation but may also see the appropriate way to pronounce the letters by viewing a video clip simultaneously.

Additional features include the option to switch off the continuous playback of the full Sura to practice on individual verses, and a brief explanation of each rule of Tajweed with examples.

We ask Allah to bless all of us in this endeavor and that He benefit both users and developers of the program. 

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iTarteel App

iTarteel at the top of the Most Paid List at Kuwait App Store in less than 48 hours from the launching of the program thanks to Allah.

The program won the first price of the e-Award of the best E-Learning Program 2009-2010Certificates.html